Ultimate Guide to Booking Your Next All-Day Cruise

Stepping outside your comfort zone and embarking on an all-day cruise from the storied city of Athens to the dazzling Saronic Gulf islands is a mesmerizing journey waiting to be unraveled. Picture yourself effortlessly slicing through the azure waters of the Aegean Sea while the warm sun caresses your skin. Read on as we guide you to book your next all-day cruise in the majestic Saronic Gulf islands.

The Magic of the Saronic Gulf Islands

As the vessel sets forth from the cradle of Western civilization, it carries eager souls toward Aegina, an island steeped in myth and history. Here, the antiquity of Greece unveils itself through the temple’s Doric columns that stand as silent custodians of the past at the Temple of Aphaia. The site, almost equidistant from the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, forms an esteemed golden triangle of the ancient world. Wander through Aegina’s charming port town, where bustling markets and the 19th-century Aegina Cathedral entice visitors with their vibrant ambiance.

A short sail away, the sapphire waters coyly retreat from the shores of Agistri, whispering invitations to explore its quaint corners. Skala, its lively harbor village, is awash with the fragrance of pine trees and toasted almonds from local tavernas. For those drawn to the path less traveled, the secluded beach at Chalikiada offers a serene escape, with its emerald green waters surrounded by rugged cliffs. Trek the Trail of Pines for an inland adventure, or find solace at the Church of Agioi Anargyroi, and let the chimes of its bell echo the harmonic convergence of faith and nature.

Completing our island tour offerings are the islets of Moni, Metopi, and Aponisos – each presenting a tapestry of untouched beauty. Moni lures adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike with its uninhabited status during winter, and a summer bustling with the gentle faces of peacocks and deer that roam free, a surreal experience juxtaposed against the traditional Greek backdrop. Islets Metopi and Aponisos promise the serendipity of isolation, with turquoise waters nuzzling hidden shores, offering a private swimming and snorkeling sanctuary, where the bustle of the world feels eons away beneath the arcade of an expansive, sunlit sky.

Catering to Every Traveler: Young Adults, Families, and Couples

Young adults, armed with an insatiable thirst for adventure and social interaction, find their perfect match in our all-day cruise. Adventurous opportunities abound, from snorkeling in the shimmering seas to engaging bike tours around the green heart of Agistri, while the deck of our boat presents a stage for friendships to be kindled under the Grecian sun.

Families embarking on this voyage can secure a harmonious blend of fun and education, as the historical richness of Aegina offers a fantastic opportunity to impart knowledge. The gentle, child-friendly beaches allow safe waterplay, making precious family memories.

Couples seeking a romantic getaway will not be disappointed, either. The soothing rhythm of the sea coupled with strikingly romantic sunsets paints an enviable backdrop. Secluded spots on Metopi, Aponisos, or Moni serve as sanctuaries for shared quiet moments, while the enchanting serenity of Agistri’s nature trails offers the perfect sanctuary for you and your partner. All these elements conspire to make this all-day cruise a voyage of love and connection.

Savoring the Mediterranean Cuisine

As our cruise glides through the sparkling waters of the Saronic Gulf, a delightful Mediterranean dining experience awaits you. Indulge in a lavish lunch, where dishes are crafted from the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the rich flavors of Greek cuisine. Each bite offers a taste of tradition, from succulent grilled meats to vibrant salads dressed in olive oil, and the creamy tang of tzatziki. Snacks and unlimited drinks ensure your culinary journey is as endless as the horizon, allowing you to cherish the essence of Greek hospitality and the Mediterranean lifestyle on the open sea.

Why Choose Best Cruise for Your Saronic Gulf Adventure

Choosing Best Cruise means embarking on an adventure that transcends the ordinary. Our wooden sailing boat, reminiscent of timeless Greek maritime tradition, is not just a mode of transport but a journey into authenticity. With all-inclusive pricing, every aspect of your day is covered, from gourmet dining to engaging activities, ensuring a carefree experience. Our professional crew is dedicated to personalizing your adventure, attentive to the smallest details that elevate your cruise. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability, from local ingredients in our kitchen to eco-friendly practices onboard, reflects our reverence for the vibrant ecosystems we explore, making each voyage with us a responsible choice. 

Skip the overcrowded tourist boats and book an all-day cruise with us today.