Discover the Magic of an All-Day Cruise in Athens

Dreaming of an escape to the iconic Greek islands but are limited on time? An all-day cruise in Athens might be for you. Leave the bustling city behind and immerse yourself in the sun-drenched beauty of the Saronic Gulf. Discover hidden coves, explore charming island towns, and savor authentic Greek cuisine all in one day.

The Saronic Islands are near Athens, so you won’t have to travel far. Enjoy a relaxing all-day cruise and create lasting memories of your time in Greece.

Discover the Diverse Charms of the Saronic Islands

Escape Athens and discover the treasures of the Saronic Gulf. This archipelago’s sheltered location guarantees a smooth sailing experience. Each island on your all-day cruise offers unique attractions, whether you want history, beaches, or a relaxed atmosphere. An all-day cruise in Athens with Best Cruise brings you to three islands:


Explore Aegina’s rich history. Visit the ruins of the Temple of Aphea Athena, a majestic Doric temple built in the 5th century BC. Stroll through Aegina’s charming port town, with its shops and cafes. Enjoy fresh seafood at a waterfront taverna.


Relax in Agistri, known for its beautiful scenery. Sunbathe on pristine beaches or swim in crystal-clear waters. Rent a kayak or paddleboard for adventure. Discover traditional Greek life in the island’s main town, Megalopos.

Metopi (or alternate swimming stop)

Snorkel at a pristine location like Metopi, Moni, or Aponisos. These spots offer clear waters full of marine life. Use the provided snorkeling gear to see colorful coral reefs and fish.

What To Expect in Your All-Day Cruise With Best Cruise

Your Athens day cruise is designed to maximize your island experience in a single day. Here’s a breakdown of the itinerary:

Morning Departure

Set sail from Athens’ Marina Zeas. Enjoy coffee, juice, and pastries onboard as you depart.

Aegina Exploration

Explore Aegina, your first island stop, at your own pace. Wander the port town’s streets, browsing shops and soaking in the atmosphere. Visit the Temple of Aphea Athena, a historical landmark. Enjoy a delicious Greek lunch at a waterfront taverna, featuring fresh seafood and beautiful views.

Snorkeling Adventure

Next, the cruise heads to a designated snorkeling spot, like Metopi, Moni, or Aponisos, known for clear waters and marine life. Use the provided snorkeling gear to explore the underwater world, surrounded by coral reefs and fish.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

On the return trip, unwind soak up the sun, and enjoy fruits and beverages onboard, sharing memories with fellow travelers.

Agistri Island Stop

In the afternoon, arrive at Agistri, known for its natural beauty. Choose how to spend your time: relax on beaches, swim in clear waters, or rent a kayak or paddleboard for exploration. The charming town of Megalopos offers traditional Greek life with cafes and tavernas. An optional bike tour lets you explore more of the island.

Return to Athens

As the day ends, the cruise sails back to Athens. Relax and enjoy the scenic journey, reflecting on your island adventure. Disembark at Marina Zeas in the early evening.

Why Choose Us for Your All-Day Cruise in Athens?

When choosing your Athens cruise, pick the right experience. Best Cruise stands out because we offer the following:

Authentic Sailing Experience

Unlike large cruise ships, Best Cruise offers a more intimate and authentic experience aboard a traditional motorized wooden sailing boat. Enjoy the charm of sailing the Aegean Sea with the wind in your hair.

Delicious Food & Unlimited Beverages

Savor a delicious Greek lunch prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Throughout the day, enjoy unlimited beverages including beer, wine, and soft drinks. This all-inclusive treat means you won’t have to deal with extra costs and hassle.

Approachable Crew & Host

Our friendly and professional crew ensures your safety and comfort throughout the day. Your host will share interesting facts and stories about the islands, enriching your experience and bringing the history and culture of the Saronic Gulf to life.

Stress-Free Island Hopping

Forget the hassle of ferry schedules, complex logistics, and crowded transportation.  With Best Cruise, island hopping becomes effortless. We take care of everything, allowing you to simply relax and enjoy the beauty of the Saronic Islands.

Excellent Value

Compared to piecing together your own island-hopping experience, Best Cruise provides a convenient and cost-effective way to explore the Saronic Gulf in a single day.  This makes it the perfect choice for budget-conscious travelers who want to maximize their time in Athens.

By choosing Best Cruise, you book an unforgettable experience. We focus on creating lasting memories, providing you with only the best amenities for your Greek trip.

Explore Agistri on a Bike Tour

Uncover hidden gems on Agistri with Best Cruise’s optional bike tour. This eco-friendly option lets you explore beyond the main areas, reaching scenic coves inaccessible by car.

Suitable for all fitness levels, the tour is led by local guides who share the island’s history and culture. Cycle through charming villages, olive groves, and stunning coastlines. Capture breathtaking photos and create lasting memories as you explore Agistri at your own pace.

Tips for Your All-Day Cruise in Athens

Pack for the Sun

Don’t forget sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the Greek sunshine. You’ll need a swimsuit, towel, and comfortable change of clothes for swimming and exploring the islands.

Book in Advance

Cruises tend to fill up quickly, especially during peak season. Booking your all-day cruise in Athens in advance guarantees your spot and avoids last-minute cancellations.

Book Your All-Day Cruise Today

Trade the city bustle for Aegean Sea bliss with an unforgettable all-day cruise in Athens. This adventure whisks you to the Saronic Islands, offering history, pristine beaches, and charming island culture.

Explore ancient temple ruins, savor delicious Greek cuisine, and snorkel vibrant coral reefs. Relax on pristine beaches, discover hidden coves by kayak, or bike through picturesque villages.

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Don’t miss out on an all-day cruise in Athens with Best Cruise.